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A short introduction to CFD

CFD is the largest provider in Denmark of services for people who are deaf, deafblind or hearing impaired with about 500 employees.

Communication is our top priority throughout.

Most of our clients use sign language – in one form or another - but we are prepared to meet all individual communication needs.

All hearing staff at CFD complete the centre’s comprehensive internal sign language training course.

Nationwide services

The history of CFD goes back to 1869.

Today, CFD’s nationwide services include:

  • Residential services for deaf and deafblind people with additional impairments

  • Vocational services for deaf and deafblind people with additional impairments

  • Psychological assessment and counseling for deaf and deafblind people
  • Counseling services for deaf and deafblind people

All our services are based on respect for and understanding of the language and culture of people who are deaf or deafblind.

Our staff is qualified in sign language and has specialist knowledge about the specific needs of people who are deaf or deafblind, and the conditions they face.

Counseling services

CFD employs some 50 counselors and psychologists, who are all leading specialists in their individual field. They provide counseling, case management, and mental health services for deaf, deafblind and hearing impaired people (including CI-users). 

CFD also provides specific services for deaf seniors and families with deafness.

We offer counseling services throughout Denmark from our offices in Aalborg, Aarhus, Fredericia, Odense, and Copenhagen.

Residential, vocational and support services

CFD provides residential and occupational services, as well as work assessment and special education programs.

The target groups for these services are primarily deaf and deafblind people with various additional impairments such as autism, mental retardation, ADHD, psychiatric problems, multiple disabilities etc.  CFD has 15 residential, occupational and vocational services with a total of about 230 places. 

We offer residential, vocational and occupational services at our facilities in Nyborg, Nærum, Glostrup and Søborg.

Contact us

CFD is a non-profit foundation. Any profit that the center generates is channeled back into the operation of existing services and the development of new ones. 

The administrative headquarter is located in Søborg, approximately 10 kms from the centre of Copenhagen.

CFD values international contact highly, so feel free to contact us if you would like additional information about the centre or our services.


Oktobervej 22A
DK-2860 Søborg
Phone: +45 4439 1100
E-mail: cfd@cfd.dk


Oktobervej 22A
2860 Søborg
Tlf. 4439 1100
SMS 4085 1315
CVR 55280312

Hvem er CFD?

CFD er landets største leverandør af tilbud til døve, mennesker med høretab eller døvblindhed samt døve med yderligere funktionsnedsættelser.